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by Bare Bones

The leading professional HTML and text editor for the Macintosh
Helps with: Text Editors
Similar to: GNU Emacs App SlickEdit App Gedit App Kedit App More...
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Languages: C CPP CS Java Perl Python Java Script Objective C Ruby Other

What is it all about?

A professional HTML and text editor for Macintosh that provides features for editing, searching, and minipulation of text for web authors and software developers.

Key Features

* Exchange Characters & Words * Change Case * Shift Left/Shift Right * Un/Comment Selection * Hard Wrap * Add&Remove Line Breaks * Apply Text Factory * Educate Quotes * Straighten Quotes * Add/Remove Line Numbers * Prefix/Suffix Lines * Sort Lines * Process Duplicate Lines * Process Lines Containing * Rewrap Quoted Text * Increase and Decrease Quote Level * Strip Quotes * Zap Gremlins * Entab/Detab * Normalize Line Endings * Text Factory enables you to apply any number of BBEdit’s powerful text transformations to multiple files without programming * Sort Lines and Process Duplicate Lines offer grep pattern support for sorting, extracting, and handling text * BBEdit works easily with Unicode files, including those containing glyphs from multiple disparate languages (e.g. Roman, Japanese, and Cyrillic all in the same file) * Hard or soft? Wrap text however you prefer: soft wrapped lines may be indented to the “hard” start of the line, to the left margin of the window, or reverse-indented * Quoted text rewrapper – makes reformatting or preparing email and Usenet content easy * Support for rectangular text selections, including copying/pasting and application of many of BBEdit’s text transformations * Complete set of HTML Tools for fast, easy, and correct markup. Supports current standards including HTML 5, HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0 and XHTML 1.1 * Comprehensive HTML Entities palette for adding special characters to your HTML * Context-sensitive tag and attribute editing helps you write correct HTML markup * Create links and place images by dragging and dropping files into a document * Apply HTML markup from contextual menus or by drag and drop from HTML Tools palette * Code Folding lets you hide sections of code you’re not working on, for easier readability and navigation * Close Current Tag command speeds and simplifies HTML tag creation and editing * Powerful include and placeholder options for easier site maintenance * Preview in any browser, or all running browsers * “Preview in BBEdit” command to preview your HTML, Markdown, and Textile code under construction. Automatically updates as the code is changed! You can also use a local preview server for *preview of code generated by PHP, Perl, includes and so on; and select alternative page templates and CSS when previewing document fragments * Auto-save guards against data loss from system crashes and power failures * Integration with popular file transfer clients via the “Edit in BBEdit” protocol


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