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Azure DocumentDB

by Microsoft

A NoSQL JSON Database.
Helps with: Document Store DB
Similar to: Terrastore App Cloud Datastore App MongoDB 3.2 App DensoDB App More...
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What is it all about?

Azure DocumentDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service built for fast and predictable performance, high availability, automatic scaling, global distribution, and ease of development. Its flexible data model, consistent low latencies, and rich query capabilities make it a great fit for web, mobile, gaming, and IoT, and many other applications that need seamless scale.

Key Features

* Elastically scalable throughput and storage: Easily scale up or scale down your DocumentDB JSON database to meet your application needs. Your data is stored on solid state disks (SSD) for low predictable latencies. * Multi-region replication: DocumentDB transparently replicates your data to all regions you've associated with your DocumentDB account, enabling you to develop applications that require global access to data while providing tradeoffs between consistency, availability and performance, all with corresponding guarantees. * Ad hoc queries with familiar SQL syntax: Store heterogeneous JSON documents within DocumentDB and query these documents through a familiar SQL syntax. DocumentDB utilizes a highly concurrent, lock free, log structured indexing technology to automatically index all document content. * JavaScript execution within the database: Express application logic as stored procedures, triggers, and user defined functions (UDFs) using standard JavaScript. This allows your application logic to operate over data without worrying about the mismatch between the application and the database schema. * Fully managed: Eliminate the need to manage database and machine resources. * Tunable consistency levels: Select from four well defined consistency levels to achieve optimal trade-off between consistency and performance.


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