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Avira URL Safety Cloud Security Frameworks App

Avira URL Safety Cloud

by Avira

Instant safety check for Internet URLs, websites, Domains, IPs, links
Helps with: Management and Security,Security Frameworks,Web Frameworks
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What is it all about?

Avira URL Safety Cloud (AUSC) provides developers access to Avira’s web reputation intelligence. The API delivers a real-time, site-specific query approach to identifying malicious URLs or inappropriate internet sites.
URLs submitted using the REST API receive a response with a URL classification expressed in simple actionable categories: Malware, Clean, Phishing, Spam, and PUA/PUP.

Key Features

The URL Safety Cloud service is highly applicable to developers of security products and services. This includes providers of web traffic scanning, internet content filtering, email scanning, firewalls, routers and firewalls. The REST API leverages the threat intelligence data that is at the heart of Avira's award-winning security service. Continuous threat analysis and assessment of internet resources (such as websites, domains, IP addresses, email, documents) for compromise, ensures that the most current classification data-set for the URL Safety Cloud web reputation is always available. Over its operational life, the web reputation service has already responded to billions of enquiries. The product features a lightweight usage model using an authenticated RESTful API over HTTPS with optionally compressed content. Each query might contain individual URLs or batches.


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Other API & Web services https://oem.avira.com/en/solutions/api-web-services


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