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A distributed and highly scalable database for all data models.
Helps with: Document Store DB,NoSQL DB
Similar to: Terrastore App Cloud Datastore App Azure DocumentDB App MongoDB 3.2 App More...
Source Type: Open
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Languages: Java VB.NET Python Java Script Ruby Other

What is it all about?

ArangoDB is a distributed and highly scalable database for all data models. ArangoDB is fully-certified for DC/OS including persistent primitives. Setup and maintenance of a cluster is extremely easy. ArangoDB is a native multi-model database. You can store your data as key/value pairs, graphs or documents and access all your data with one declarative query language.

Key Features

* Single Instance - You can use ArangoDB as a specialized database for key/values, documents or graphs and even mix up those data models in one query. * Cluster - Synchronous replication. Automatic failover. Self-organizing cluster state management. Fast cluster startup. Easy maintenance. Multiple data models. All with an ArangoDB Cluster. * Mixed Services - Modern Architectures demand scalability, polyglot persistence and low maintenance. Modern data center operating systems put your data cluster on autopilot. * Graph - ArangoDB provides also the full feature set of a mature graph store (e.g. pattern matching, shortest path, full blown traversals) and due to a little magic it can perform graph queries very fast compared to many other leading graph solutions. * Document - You can store as many attributes in a document as you like (default size of a document is 32MB, but configurable to your needs). ArangoDB has a wide feature-set for querying and working with documents like joins, secondary indexes or acid transactions. You can horizontally scale join usage to the technically possible.


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