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Free mobile app builder
Helps with: Cross Platform Frameworks
Similar to: Crosslight App Kendo-ui App Alpha Anywhere App Emo Open Source Framework App More...
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What is it all about?

Appsbar is your free mobile app builder. Free to all app builders and app lovers. Join now and start building your free mobile app today.

Key Features

* Appsbar apps can be created using PCs, Macs and tablets. This desktop design solution allows users to create, save and edit an unlimited number of apps throughout the publication process. Appsbar gives the necessary guidance, screening and outlet so creators can get apps that meet common guidelines from the major app markets around the world. * Appsbar allows everyone, from novice users to experienced design and software engineers, a way to create apps as unique as their personalities or business. With Appsbar, builders can also choose to combine limitless combinations of technologies that professionals deploy including HTML, URL links, RSS Feeds, and interactive mapping tools as part of their app. * Appsbar is the first app builder to offer unique features such as an Event Notifier function that delivers real time or scheduled notifications to app users, and a menu feature that works in direct accordance with a unique commerce capability option that allows the user to catalog and sell products or services directly through your app – key tools for friends and businesses and their customers to have two-way interactions. The Form Builder function allows the creator to let users of an individual app fill out and send the app publisher various information such as customer service surveys, a restaurant to-go order, or answers to questions asked through the app. The Social Interaction Platform allows users to share the content within an app across social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook feeds to engage users with photos and videos. * Appsbar lets creators easily add a variety of unique interactive elements. Such as the Soundboard option that lets the user create a unique app by uploading any sound – such as a business slogan or a funny sound – which can play any time a user taps the sound on their mobile device. Appsbar also introduces a personalized Discography, which allows the user to upload songs or even full albums to their app. The Discography module gives the user the unique option to add album titles, photos, lyrics, and even sell their music through their app! Appsbar guides creators through the entire process – from creation to publication - with visual and textual clues at each step. Creators build their own page designs by choosing from a rainbow palette of background colors, text styles and images (either their own or from Appsbar's library). For company contact information and partnership opportunities visit -


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