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Appaloosa SDK App and Beta Testing App

Appaloosa SDK

by Appaloosa

It helps mobile & digital teams build, test and deploy their apps priv
Helps with: App and Beta Testing
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Source Type: Closed
License Types:
Supported OS:
Languages: Java Objective C Swift

What is it all about?

Appaloosa SDK library is a simple library that helps you to auto-update your application stored on Appaloosa Store server, Receive feedback from your users directly from the app, Launch a dev-panel giving information about the device and the application, Manage authorizations for your application, and Prevent your application to run on a jailbroken device

Key Features

* MOBILE APP MANAGEMENT - Our SaaS platform enables distribution, update and version management for mobile apps on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Whether you are beta testing an app or deploying an app internally, Appaloosa keeps all your apps in one place. * ACCESS CONTROL - With our web-based admin console, define users & groups with access. Invited users receive an email with credentials. Each device connecting to your store is added to the inventory. * NATIVE APP STORE - Regardless of the platform, we provide your users with a beautiful, native app store which you can customize and rebrand. It supports user authentication, search, categories, push notifications and more. * ANALYTICS - Ever wondered about user engagement in your app store? Appaloosa provides download stats and usage stats for each version but also stats about your installed base and active users. The feedback section in our store lets users rate your app and add comments. * ENTERPRISE READY - Appaloosa can connect to your own user directory such as LDAP or Active Directory. It also support SAML- or OAuth-based authentication such as Google Sign-in. Most of the store features can be automated via API. * DEVELOPER TOOLS - Mobile app developers can use Appaloosa to deliver builds continuously and automatically. Unlike traditional users, developers can even download previous versions. Appaloosa integrates with lots of development tools.


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