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AnyGantt JS Gantt Charts

by AnyChart

JavaScript/HTML5 charting library for Project Gantt & Resource charts.
Helps with: Analytics,Design Tools,Graph Libraries,Graphics and Image Pr ...
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Source Type: Open - Extra Fee
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Languages: Java Script

What is it all about?

AnyGantt JS Gantt Charts is an advanced, cross-platform and cross-browser JavaScript/HTML5 based data visualization solution, allowing you to utilize the power of animation and ultimate interactivity to facilitate project/resource planning and management in your company.

You can use server or desktop platform of your choice to create your application - AnyGantt will take care of charting. Right visualization with award-winning Gantt diagrams will help you turn your data into right decisions.

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Key Features

* ALL CHART TYPES YOU NEED AnyGantt offers Project and Schedule types of Gantt charts as well as PERT charts - all with greatly configurable timeline, data grid, and other features. * PROJECT GANTT CHARTS Project (Task based) Gantt charts show progress of completion of a single task or a group of tasks, taking into consideration their planned and actual time periods, along with a progress made, as well as hierarchy and order of tasks. * SCHEDULE GANTT CHARTS Schedule (Resource based) Gantt charts demonstrate the resources you have and their spread along the timeline (into periods). Resources can be servers, equipment, vacancies of employees, expendable materials, or anything else. * PERT CHARTS Program Evaluation & Review Technique (PERT) charts are a great decision-making tool designed to save time in achieving end-objectives. Flexible settings of common chart elements such as milestones (events), tasks (activities) and critical path allow everyone to integrate PERT Chart in a project management solution of any kind. * ADVANCED TEXT FORMATTING For all text based elements, such as labels, tooltips or data-grid columns, AnyGantt features powerful formatting options. * RICH VISUAL SETTINGS Each chart element can be configured in its own way with the help of our flexible design system. * LIVE EDITING Live Edit mode allows you to edit any part of your JS Gantt chart without touching the code. Use your mouse to change the duration, position (start/end time), or connections. * NICELY DESIGNED DEFAULTS Style based visualization allows developers to segregate functional part from design part and focus on the business logics. Great defaults allow to keep design tasks away at all! * RICH DATA GRID CONTROL Data Grid holds basic task or resource information and is highly configurable. Add any number of custom columns that can contain additional task or resource data. Each column can have custom text formatting, height and text style settings. Data grid itself can be redesigned to reflect important data specifics. * LOCALIZATION Full localization of input and output date time and number formats by leveraging the easy-to-use locale mechanism. As well as: - cross-platform and cross-browser (IE6+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.), - no dependencies - use any server platform and database, - easily configurable and highly customizable (JavaScript API, XML, or JSON), - multiple demos in extensive gallery with full source code that can be played with on the Playground,


Resource Type


JS Chart (Map) Documentation https://docs.anychart.com
Playground/Demo https://playground.anychart.com
AnyChart/AnyMap API https://api.anychart.com
AnyChart/AnyMap CDN https://cdn.anychart.com
Official website of AnyChart JavaScript charting framework http://www.anychart.com


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* Next Unicorn (startups);
* Website;
* Internal Apps;
* SaaS (web/mobile);
* Enterprise;
* OEM;
* Educational/Non-Profit (free).

For more details: http://www.anychart.com/buy/


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