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Antivirus SDKs for Windows and Linux or Android Security Frameworks App

Antivirus SDKs for Windows and Linux or Android


Security Framework
Helps with: Security Frameworks
Similar to: Avira URL Safety Cloud App Apache Shiro App Client Security SDK App OpenSSL App More...
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Languages: C CPP CS Java Perl Python Other

What is it all about?

The IKARUS T3 SCAN ENGINE is one of the world’s best carrier grade content scanning engines. It is a unique, carrier grade content scanning engine and threat defense technology.

The SCAN ENGINE detects, measures, analyses, mitigates, detects malware, vulnerabilities and exploits and protects against blended global cyber threats.

The SCAN ENGINE provides advanced content scanning capabilities based on a range of components, which identify data types and extract and classify file characteristic

Key Features

- Platform independent - Advanced Content and Behavioural Analysis - Fully automated malware dependent environment selection - Behaviour-based heuristics - Generic detection routines - High speed multi-threading support - Advanced virtual environment with low resource usage - Various complex analysis techniques: reverse-engineering and manual analyses by the IKARUS LAB team - Global threat data from IKARUS Signature Quality Assurance Program - Threat data from multiple IKARUS Scan Centers - Sample sharing with industry leaders Example for usage:  Server-side application - File scanning service - Command line tool – most programming languages Your own Antivirus software. - For tech oriented teams


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contact with company: http://www.ikarussecurity.com/solutions/all-solutions/solutions-contact/


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