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by Andreas Scharf

Android Framework; UI Binding and much more
Helps with: Data Binding
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Source Type: Open
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Languages: Java

What is it all about?

Bindroid is an open-source utility library for Android apps whose primary goal is to simplify binding UI to data. It introduces an observability pattern for model objects and a number of simple methods for quickly binding these objects to your user interfaces. The result is a responsive, always-consistent and up-to-date user experience without having to write all of the glue to ensure that your UI is updated whenever the data it presents changes.

Key Features

• UI Binding - Supports One-Way (Model -> View or Model <- View) and Two-Way (Model <-> View) Binding. Allows you to bind objects, so called Bindables , to any kind of view and update the UI when those objects change. You can set the text of TextView's, change the background color or write your own Bindings which allows you to customize the UI actions. • Activities and Modules - This component allows you to split an android Acitivity into seperate, non-dependent Modules without loosing the flexibility of the actual Activity. An Activity becomes an BootableActivity in which you can register multiple modules.


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