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Build android apps using C and C++.
Helps with: Cross Platform Frameworks
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What is it all about?

The Android NDK is a toolset that lets you implement parts of your app using native-code languages such as C and C++. For certain types of apps, this can help you reuse code libraries written in those languages.

Key Features

* The NDK is not appropriate for most novice Android programmers, and has little value for many types of Android apps. It is often not worth the additional complexity it inevitably brings to the development process. However, it can be useful in cases in which you need to squeeze extra performance out of a device for computationally intensive applications like games or physics simulations; and reuse your own or other developers' C or C++ libraries. * The Android Native Development Kit allows developers to get the most performance out of devices, this can be beneficial for game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine.


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