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JavaScript library for web application development
Helps with: Cross Platform Frameworks,JavaScript,UI Frameworks,XML
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Source Type: Open
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Languages: C Java Script

What is it all about?

AmpleSDK is a cross-browser JavaScript library contains GUI Framework. allows to create web applications that conform to standards.

Key Features

* 100% JavaScript UI Framework * Open web technologies + jQuery API * Better build-/run-time performance * SVG in Internet Explorer 5.5-8.0 * Cross-browser XUL (desktop-like UI) * Extensible SDK architecture * Custom Web Components


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Product Analysis


Javascript frameworks and libraries

Ample SDK

Ample SDK

By Victor Carlo Jacaban III | 6/13/2016 | Product Analysis |Beginners

Ample SDK is a lightweight 100% JavaScript UI Framework that is used for building Rich Internet Applications and simplifies cross-browser web application development.  This framework is written in JavaScript and does not require any additional components to work and operate properly. It can also be extended by prototyping existing or new objects and also allows users to create new components that suit their interface needs. It does cross browser client side scripting as expected from a JavaScript framework and helps support other technologies by filling any gaps they might have.


Below are some Ample SDK library features and advantages for building web applications.


Cross Browser Compatibility - Ample SDK is compatible with and fully functional in the most widely used web browsers including: Internet Explorer 5.5+, Opera 9.1+, Safari 3.0+, Konqueror 3.5+, Mozilla 1.6+, Google Chrome 0.1+, Mozilla FireFox 1.0. This is advantageous when developing applications in that you need not worry about browser compatibility problems.


Offers Extensible Architecture - With Ample SDK, you can easily extend or adjust the framework depending on your needs such as creating custom UI components, UI managers and even an entire language. With these kinds of features you can define your own UI components and create reusable UI elements giving you the opportunity to extend your own ideas to your application. It consists of  Extending Runtime (creating plugins) where objects are scriptable hence they can easily extend functions by prototyping and Extending Components Base (creating UI elements and languages) that allows  developers to create  custom reusable UI elements as mentioned above.


Simple implementation - With Ample SDK you can create applications with just plain HTML, DOM and JavaScript.


Example snippet


<style type="text/ample+css">
  h1 {
     color: #FFFF00;



<script type="text/javascript">
        ample.query("h1").bind("click", function(event) {
            alert('Element "' + + '" was clicked');

- Layout

<script type="application/ample+xml">
            <h1>Sample Text</h1>


The styling of your application is done in CSS while logic is done in JavaScript and the layout is defined in XML.


You can also use Pseudo-class selectors for styling components, component states and component content.


@namespace xul "";


xul|menulist {
    width: 200px;
    background-color: blue;
    border: solid 2px black;


Referencing a resource


<link type="text/ample+css" rel="stylesheet" href="stles.css"/>


Standards Based Ajax Framework – Ample SDK’s programming architecture is based on web development standards. This is to ensure the quality of the application and enables developers to build interactive and powerful web applications. Web developers will no longer need to acquire a lot of skills or learn other technologies but will rather be able to use the technologies they are already familiar with like JavaScript, CSS, XML, DOM, XHTML etc.



Speed - rendering of application interfaces using Ample SDK is faster than other libraries because all interfaces are identical from components by means of a call only of one DOM operation of the browser. In simpler terms, because the rendering in Ample SDK happens in browser and is not handled by a bunch of DOM operations, it greatly increases speed and performance. Ample SDK does not associate event handlers with HTML document elements, but rather handles all events only at the level of the object of the document and will redirect them in the model.



Document Object Model (Level 3) – Ample SDK implements Document Object Model (Level 3), a platform that allows programs and scripts to dynamically update or access the contents of documents, their structure and styles. Ample SDK has also implemented and included some helpful technologies such as DOM Events, DOM XPath, DOM Core, XML APIs, Selectors API, and UI Managers.


Support - Ample SDK has good community support that will help you whenever you're stuck on some aspect of using the library. The support also consists of Development and Consulting that gives you short and long term development and consulting services that help you in building your own application using Ample SDK. It also provides product trainings that will surely give you the assurance that you can easily acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to implement, troubleshoot and maintain applications built using Ample SDK.



Tutorials – Aside from the massive support mentioned above, Ample SDK provides sample tutorials that cover how to get started with the library, sample code implementation, an application and extensions guide and much more. It also gives slide presentations and interactive materials to really help you more easily wrap your head around the core ideas of Ample SDK. Further, technical aspects of the framework such as Run Time, Build Time, Dispose Time and Boot Time are also covered.


Reference – Ample SDK provides references in their documentation to help users familiarize themselves with its vocabulary for functions, data types and the expected returns.  Through this, users will no longer have a hard time remembering some terms that are used in Ample SDK because they were already indicated in their documentation and also some were copied from other libraries making it easy to adapt to.



Onreadystatechange – an attribute that represents a function that MUST be invoked when the ready state changes value.


Team Collaboration – One of the advantages of the Ample SDK library is that it makes team collaboration for group web development group much easier. For designers, Ample SDK provides an option to create new themes. This consists of HTML 5 Form elements, charts, etc. for Visual Designs areas and UI managers, UI languages for Interaction Design area. For developers it provides an opportunity to Integrate Eclipse IDE, Browser Consoles like Chrome/Web kit plug-in and Firebug plug-in and some useful plug-in like XMPP API, MVC library, SOAP API. It also has Core Technologies such as XPath implementation, Data-Binding module, Templating module and UI languages like Mobile UI Technology, XForms, XML Schema – Structures. Lastly for testers, it enables you to do some web development testing such as performance testing, unit testing and manual testing which is very helpful in assuring the quality and effectiveness of an applications.




We can expect Ample SDK to be considered as one of the up-and-coming new generation JavaScript libraries. Though its developers still have a lot of work left to improve the framework, ideas are already out there for Quality Assurance, community awareness and even production development. The quality of implementation that Ample SDK offers is very strong compared to other frameworks. Ample SDK's developers have pledged to improve the core module of the library so we can expect more ideas and better implementation in the future.

By Victor Carlo Jacaban III | 6/13/2016 | Product Analysis

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