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AllegroGraph Graph Databases App


by Franz Inc

A modern, high-performance, persistent graph database.
Helps with: Graph Databases,NoSQL DB
Similar to: Onyx Database App Neo4j App GunDB App Titan App More...
Source Type: Closed
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Languages: Java Perl Python Ruby Other

What is it all about?

AllegroGraph is a modern, high-performance, persistent graph database. AllegroGraph uses efficient memory utilization in combination with disk-based storage, enabling it to scale to billions of quads while maintaining superior performance. AllegroGraph supports SPARQL, RDFS++, and Prolog reasoning from numerous client applications.

Key Features

* AllegroGraph is 100 percent ACID, supporting Transactions: Commit, Rollback, and Checkpointing. * Full and Fast Recoverability * 100% Read Concurrency, Near Full Write Concurrency * Online Backups, Point-in-Time Recovery, Replication, Warm Standby * Dynamic and Automatic Indexing – All committed triples are always indexed (7 indices) * Advanced Text Indexing – Text indexing per predicate * SOLR and MongoDB Integration * SPIN support (SPARQL Inferencing Notation). The SPIN API allows you to define a function in terms of a SPARQL query and then call that function in other SPARQL queries. These SPIN functions can appear in FILTERs and can also be used to compute values in assignment and select expressions. * All Clients based on REST Protocol – Java Sesame, Java Jena, Python, C#, Clojure, Perl, Ruby, Scala, and Lisp clients * Completely multi-processing based (SMP) – Automatic Resource Management for all processors and disks, and optimized memory use. See the performance tuning guide here, and server configuration guide here * The AllegroGraph RDF server can be scripted using the JavaScript API * JavaScript-based interface (JIG) for general graph traversal * Soundex support - Allows Free text indexing based on phonetic pronunciation * User-defined Indices - fully controllable by system administrator


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