Aerospike Key Value and Tuple Store App


by Aerospike Inc

High performance NoSQL database delivering speed at scale
Helps with: Key Value and Tuple Store,NoSQL DB
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Languages: C Java VB.NET Perl Python Ruby Other

What is it all about?

Aerospike is a distributed NoSQL database and key-value store architected to meet the performance needs of today’s web-scale applications—providing robustness and strong consistency with no downtime.

Key Features

Aerospike key-value store (KVS) operations associate keys with a set of named values. On cluster startup, Aerospike configures policy containers—namespaces (RDBMS databases)—which control the retention and reliability requirements for a set of data. Namespaces are divided into sets (RDBMS tables) and records (RDBMS rows). Each record has a unique indexed key, and one or more bins (RDBMS columns) that contain the record values. Aerospike supports numerous data types used for bin values, as arguments, and as UDF return values. Aerospike allows value-based queries using secondary indexes, where string and integer bin values are indexed and searched using equality (string or numeric) or range (numeric) filters. User-Defined Functions (UDFs) extend the functionality and performance capabilities of the Aerospike Database engine. In Aerospike, the aggregations framework allows fast, flexible query operations. Similar to MapReduce systems, aggregation emits results in a highly parallel fashion. Aerospike supports large data types (LDTs) that allow individual record bins to efficiently store large collections of elements. In Aeropike, you can use list data types when dealing with a size-bound list residing in a single bin. List operations allow server manipulation (such as adding or removing an item) without having to read and replace the entire bin value. Aerospike supports Geospatial store, index, and query.


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