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Adobe Flash Builder Integrated Development Environments App

Adobe Flash Builder

by Adobe

Professional-grade development tool for rapidly creating games and app
Helps with: Integrated Development Environments
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What is it all about?

Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 software is a development environment for building games and applications using the ActionScript language and the open source Flex framework. Flash Builder Premium includes professional testing tools such as profilers, network monitoring, and unit testing support.

Key Features

* Develop games with ActionScript Efficiently build high-performance games using the ActionScript® language. * Coding Develop games more quickly with Flash Builder 4.7 thanks to advanced code hinting, code refactoring, and quick-assist templates. * Multi-threading Create ActionScript workers easily with a wizard-based interface, updated debugger, and build packaging support in Flash Builder 4.7. * Deployment and testing Efficiently deploy, debug, and profile iOS and Android™ apps via USB and WiFi directly from the Flash Builder IDE. * Code faster Reduce the time from concept to delivery with robust coding tools and comprehensive templates. * Powerful code editing Speed coding through syntax coloring, statement completion, code collapse, refactoring support, live highlighting of invalid references, and interactive step-through debugging. * Code generation Use QuickAssist/Fix to rename and manipulate variables, generate getters/setters and event handlers, organize imports, and more. Use the override/implements feature to define methods from a superclass or interface. * Code templates Use over 100 best-practice code templates (aka snippets) for ActionScript, MXML, and CSS. Review and insert templates using code assist. Create custom templates and import or export them for sharing within teams. *Deliver native experiences Provide a better experience to end users across desktop and mobile platforms. *Mobile application packaging and signing Package and sign applications as platform-specific installer files for upload to application stores. *Native extensions Access the latest platform and device capabilities for iOS, Android, BlackBerry® Tablet OS, Windows®, Mac OS, and Linux®. *Captive runtime Increase install rates and reduce testing costs by bundling the runtime with applications. *Easily debug and test Help ensure a quality experience while reducing testing time with powerful testing tools. *Mobile app debugging Debug and test applications on locally connected mobile devices or a mobile emulator. *Memory and performance profilers Accelerate application performance using memory and performance profilers that monitor and analyze memory consumption and CPU cycles. *Network Monitor Generate a detailed audit trail of all data passed between the local Flex application and the back end, assisting with debugging and performance tuning. *Functional testing support Get support for automated functional testing tools such as HP QuickTest Professionaland FlexMonkey.


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Free Trial; Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 Premium Edition($699)


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