Adjust Analytics App


by Adjust

Analyze user behaviour in real time
Helps with: Analytics
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Source Type: Open
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Languages: CS Java

What is it all about?

Track interactions in your app in real time to see how your users engage over their full lifetime. Define your own events, drill down into each user segment, and export data wherever you need.

Key Features

* KPIs & cohort analysis: Each event you define is tracked over the lifetime of your users, and presented with a series of KPIs. From total occurrences per day and per segment, to events-per-user, to fully-fledged event conversion and cohort analyses. We put emphasis on keeping your data clear and statistically sound. With adjust's cohort analysis, your incoming daily, weekly or monthly cohorts are compared on the same relative basis by analyzing performance at the same time in a user's lifetime, showing you faster how trends and changes move the needle. * Custom events: Define the steps and interactions your users make in your app, whether it's signups, purchases or level-ups. We aggregate this data in real-time and crunch KPIs for every feature you define. One line of code lets you know how people use your app. Each of these interactions can be forwarded to your partners or your own systems via callback, for integration into your campaigns or business intelligence. * Data exports and reporting: Your data can be exported, partially or in full, at your request or at daily, weekly or monthly intervals. From there, you can calculate custom KPIs or produce your own reporting drilled down to each creative, cohort, or country. With real-time server-to-server callbacks, the circle is completed and your data filed right back into your own systems. * Forward your data to any partner: adjust works seamlessly with any other analytics suite you may be using, with ready-made modules for a number of analytics providers like Upsight, Mixpanel, Omniata, and more. Each analytics partner may receive granular user and event data, or be restricted to crunch only the data you want them to.


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