AccuRev Build Automation App


by Micro Focus

Software configuration suited to optimize large scale software deliver
Helps with: Build Automation,Version Control
Similar to: Hudson App Rational ClearCase App TeamCity App A-A-P App More...
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What is it all about?

AccuRev is a software configuration management tool which addresses complex parallel and distributed development environments with its stream-based architecture, to accelerate your development process and improve asset reuse. Streams provide the basic ability for isolation and parallel development like branches, but eliminate the headaches associated with today's branching and merging.

Key Features

* Built-in SCM best practices AccuRev integrates proven Software Configuration Management (SCM) best practices, so you can easily map to your optimal process model. Built-in advanced parallel development capabilities scale with your team’s changing business requirements, so you can realize the most suitable development process. * Change-based traceability AccuRev enables you and your team to truly work at the change level. It ties code changes to defects, requirements, or user stories, to enable you to share only completed issues. Your whole team instantly sees all code associated with those issues, providing true change-based traceability. * Stream-based architecture Streams support the basic branching capabilities for isolation and parallel development without the cost of labor-intensive operations, like creating and managing branches. A stream in AccuRev is a first-class object, which means operations are faster and more reliable than in traditional SCM tools. * Workflow and process modeling Easily model your development process by level of code maturity, from the developer’s private workspace, all the way to the production stream.


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