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by DTU Compute

Active Appearance Model framework
Helps with: CV Frameworks
Similar to: OpenCV App VXL App SimpleCV App QCV ToolKit App More...
Source Type: Open
License Types:
Supported OS:
Languages: CPP

What is it all about?

The AAM-API is a C++ implementation of the Active Appearance Model framework. It can be used as a traditional API by linking in an AAM library, or it can be used as a precompiled command line program, e.g. as a part of an image analysis course. The complete package includes the AAMLab, various Matlab scripts for shape annotation and communication with the API, source code documentation and project files.

Key Features

• Full implementation of the basic AAM • Both grey-scale and colour images are supported • Optimised implementation using pretty fast software warping in and very fast hardware warping [details] • Supports multi-resolution model building and searching directly • Generic initialisation method included • Hold-out and leave-one-out evaluation of models • Various schemes for shape fit evaluation • Pretty flexible shape support: concave models, multiple open/closed paths, holes, points etc. • A cornucopia of documentation features ◦Movies of shape, texture and combined variation (avi) ◦Training set registration movie (avi) ◦Texture eigen modes images ◦Parameter update images ◦Zillions of matlab files, ready for plotting ◦and much, much more...


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