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90 Second Website Builder Website Builders Tools App

90 Second Website Builder

by BlackWire Marketing

Build your website easily in 90 seconds…
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What is it all about?

90 Second Website Builder is web design software that allows you to simply drag and drop web page objects onto the design canvas. There's no code to deal with or edit (unless you want to).

Drag images, text, videos, forms, shapes, menus and any other kind of web page element into place and 90 Second Website Builder takes care of the technical part by writing all the code for you for behind the scenes.

Key Features

* Create mobile-friendly websites with the drag and drop responsive design tools. * Make app-style mobile websites with the built-in jQuery theme-based Mobile Site Builder. * Produce responsive pages with one page. The grid controls the placement of objects and accommodates the device viewing it with fluid response. * Easily add video to your web pages using multiple tools including HTML5, Vimeo and YouTube. * Add e-commerce functionality to your website with the built-in set of PayPal tools. * Add CSS3 animation to create bounce, fades, wobbles, wiggles, flip, fly, rotate, scale, flash, dim, transform, spring, swing, skew and more. * Easily add the 3 dimensional feel of a Parallax to your website than with this simple layer feature. * Great navigation tool for SmartPhone sized websites and simple to add to any page. And a lot more!


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