Databases In PHP

Since version 2, PHP can connect to databases. The two methods to connect to a database in PHP are PDO and MySQLi. [...]

By Yoav David | 9/4/2016 Read More >

Operators And Control Structures In PHP

Arithmetic operators are built-in mathematical actions in PHP. There are the four basic actions: ‘+’ for addition, ‘-’ for subtraction, ‘*’ for multiplication, and ‘/’ for division. There are also other mathematical actions, such as: [...]

By Yoav David | 8/21/2016 Read More >

Classes And Objects In PHP

A class is sort of a container, meant to make programming easier and more efficient. [...]

By Yoav David | 8/15/2016 Read More >

Arrays In PHP

Arrays are collections of data types. They can contain any type, and all types together at the same time). In arrays, every value has a related key (key value pair). Arrays can be created with ‘array()’ or ‘array[]’. [...]

By Yoav David | 8/8/2016 Read More >

PHP Tutorial - Part 2

Sometimes we want to print a text in a specific way that isn’t available through the previous printing methods. In these cases, we can use here documents, which will allow us to align the text any way we want. Here documents are written like this: [...]

By Yoav David | 8/7/2016 Read More >

PHP Tutorial - Part 1

PHP is a server-side scripting language designed and used mostly for web development, but can also be used for general-purpose programming. [...]

By Yoav David | 8/2/2016 Read More >

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