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Andrew Hill
United States
Data Scientist, Engineer, CEO


GUI | Data Handling | Dev Tools | Algorithms | Mobile | UI Frameworks | JSON | Testing Frameworks | Scientific Libraries | Management and Security | Analytics | GIS and Navigation | Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Mobile Engagement | Business Intelligence


English Proficiency: Fluent


I am the co-founder of Set, where we are trying to help technology better understand humans. We believe that the future of user-experience can be improved by building technology that uses data to understand what we want and need before interaction. Set bridges that gap by creating on-device algorithms for analyzing streaming personal data to help instruct apps and services to provide greater value throughout our day. I wear a lot of hats, sometimes a coder and sometimes a data scientist. I previously ran Research and Community teams at Carto in NYC. I also taught a course at NYU's ITP called, Maps, Lies, and Storytelling. Before that I got my PhD studying biodiversity and my Masters studying viruses.


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