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glenn stevenson
United Kingdom
Experienced s/ware engineer , over 35yrs programming/project management experience.


Data Handling | Database Servers | Text Handling | Regular Expressions | NoSQL DB


English Proficiency: Fluent
Other Languages: French


Worked in a number of industries, including : Petrochemical , Telecoms, Military (Radar) , Finance, Insurance. Programmed in Fortran (66/77) , Motorola 68*** assembler, Ratfor, Pascal, C , Python , kdb, sql , pl/sql, awk , shell (korn, bash, bourne ... ) . Platform experience on DEC PDP-11 RSX-11m , DEC VAX , Sun OS, HP-UX , Sequent , various flavours of linux Hardware - vax,sparc,x86,arm (raspberry pi)


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Registered as a DiscoverSDK expert. 12/13/2016 6:52:40 PM 20

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