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Ron Barak
Python/Unix/System developer


Data Handling | Algorithms | OS Objects | Database Libraries | XML | JSON | Serialization | Text Handling | Regular Expressions | IPC and Synchronization | Events and Signals | Searching Sorting And Data Structures | Filesystems and File Handling | Configuration Files | PDF | Parallel Programming | General


English Proficiency: Fluent
Other Languages: Hebrew


Unix/Linux Python DevOps developer Freelance Unix System Developer, 2010–present Self Employed Python/bash Linux (Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu) and Unix system automation (Ansible, Puppet), monitoring, and DevOps, e.g. Zenoss ZenPacks development and deployment; Python profiling and optimization (cProfile, line/memory profiling, perf, Shed Skin, Cython, OpenMP, cffi); Amazon’s AWS/EC2 infrastructure extensions with Python/boto; MapReduce with Python/multiprocessing; Scientific visualizations with matplotlib; Network programming with Twisted; OpenStack; Git; SNMP/Linux Python scripting; SQL management (MySQLdb, MySQL Connector, SQLAlchemy, peewee); OpenCV with Python; Linux sites crontab enhancements, consolidation, and automation (with bash and Python). ffMPEG automation. System Development Engineer, 2008–2010 LSI Technologies Israel Ltd, Nesher, Israel Developed a graphical tool for the support group of SVSP/SVM in wxPython. The tool aggregates data from various logs and databases and presents the user a comprehensive view of the product’s state, along with errors and warnings that warrant attention, to aid in debugging and health-check. Unix System Developer, 2004–2008 Comverse Ltd, Tel Aviv, Israel Created efficient Perl and shells scripts and RPMs to automate manual installation of Comverse’s MDG integrated system (mainly on Red Hat Linux with some Sun Solaris components; on IBM BladeCenter, EMC storage, and Oracle DB) resulting in reduced system configuration time of ~80%. Work Terms Sunday-Thursday, 09:00-19:00


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