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You may have heard of Yapp back in 2012 or 2013 when it was featured on practically every magazine and morning news show in the US. Yapp is website that allows anyone to create their own event app and upload it into their mobile devices. In interviews, Yapp co-founders Maria Seidman and Luke Melia h [...]

By Ivan Ray | 9/13/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >

Dojo Toolkit

Dojo Toolkit (Dojo) is an advanced JavaScript toolkit which is lightweight, fast and free. It has many JavaScript components that help to create dynamic web applications. Dojo is officially released as open source software. Additionally, Dojo toolkit was originally designed in such a way as to fulfi [...]

By Alvie Amar | 8/31/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >


Initially released in 2005 by Unity Technologies as an SDK for OS X only, Unity has expanded its horizons and currently has up to 21 platforms. There are many 3rd party SDKs for developing apps but when it comes to games Unity has secured its place as one of the most powerful while becoming the defa [...]

By Hugo Reyes | 8/17/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >


Qooxdoo is an open source JavaScript framework that has a wide graphical user interface (GUI) toolkit and a high-level client-server communication. It uses Ajax as its main method of application development and is highly object-oriented in terms of programming. It is commonly used in web application [...]

By Alvie Amar | 8/16/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >


SQLite is public domain software that provides a relational database management system. The “lite” in SQLite means that it is lightweight because it has nothing to install and nothing to configure. It is an embedded database engine that directly reads and writes into ordinary disk files [...]

By Alvie Amar | 8/11/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a cross development software platform that allows developers to develop mobile apps on multiple platforms. Instead of using Objective C or Swift for iOS apps and Java for Android, you only need C# in order to code everything at once. [...]

By Ivan Ray | 8/10/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >


CanJs is a lightweight client-side javascript MVVM framework that makes building a maintainable application fast and easy. It provides all the structures of the MVC pattern templates with live binding, routing support and more. In the instance that you want to combine different JavaScript frameworks [...]

By Blezel Tajor | 8/7/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >

TypeScript As The New JavaScript

TypeScript, developed by Microsoft, is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to pure JavaScript. It basically supports any browser, any host, any OS. This makes the superset a very interesting technology because it is not likely to be abandoned soon, even more when we know the most anticipate [...]

By liran bh | 8/4/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >


MooTools stands for My Object-Oriented Tools. It is an object-oriented and lightweight javascript framework that was released under the MIT License. It is officially designed as OOP thus allowing all intermediate and advanced software engineers to create more powerful and flexible applications. [...]

By Blezel Tajor | 8/1/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >

Kii Review

Kii is not an SDK itself, instead it is a cloud hosting company that lets developers implement cloud services in their apps without having to set up a cloud server. This is a mobile backend as a service (MbaaS) and the company was founded in 2010 when two companies merged, Synclore Japan and Servo. [...]

By Hugo Reyes | 7/12/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >

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