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Kochava SDK

Kochava SDK is a marketing analytics platform developed for mobiles. There are many of these around but Kochava takes a unique approach to it. By looking at all device identifiers as equal, it can match the identifiers of publishers and provide the best reporting to advertisers. It automatically use [...]

By Hugo Reyes | 10/9/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >


Orx SDK is a 2D game engine. It is open source and plugin-based. Very easy to use and to understand and very lightweight. It can run in both Windows and Mac computers as well as Linux and can develop games for iPhone, Android, Linux, Windows and OS X. Orx is focused in 2D games although all the obje [...]

By Hugo Reyes Navarrete | 10/5/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >


GameFroot is an HTML5 based game creation tool that allows anyone to make their own 2D platform or RPG games even without any coding experience. It was created by a New Zealand based company GameLab Limited as a way to democratize game development and introduce children to the basics of the process. [...]

By Ivan Ray | 10/5/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >


Livecode is a high-level programming language that can be used to create games although it is not the only purpose of it. Livecode is an open source project although there is also a proprietary version of Livecode which is a retail product. Livecode started in 1993 with the name of Revolution Progra [...]

By Hugo Reyes Navarrete | 9/28/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >


Jpct-ae is a 3D game engine focused on the Android and Java markets. There are actually two versions of it, one for Java which can output games for PC and Mac and another one for Android. Jpct-ae is a lightweight API distributed for free. [...]

By Hugo Reyes | 9/28/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >

Gideros mobile

Gideros mobile is a 2D game engine based in the LUA programming language. It is not as fully featured as many other game engines and coding is something essential in order to make a game with it. Gideros features a powerful 2D engine although it completely lacks 3D support. [...]

By Hugo Reyes Navarrete | 9/27/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >

Jmonkey engine

Jmonkey engine is a SDK targeted mainly to developers who already know how to code and are experts in Java. Jmonkey is aimed to develop modern 3D games and it is a very serious competitor in the SDK scene. But, unlike many other SDKs with this quality, Jmonkey engine (Or jME) is open source, which m [...]

By Hugo Reyes Navarrete | 9/25/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >

What is Silex?

Silex is a micro framework written in PHP and is one of the fastest in benchmarks for micro framework comparisons. It is based on Symfony components and also inspired by Sinatra. [...]

By Alvie Amar | 9/22/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >


FreeArc is a general purpose archiver written in Haskell that was developed by Bulat Ziganshin.  It uses PPMD, LZMA, Gzip and TrueAudio algorithms with automatic switching by file type, and uses a set of filters, like removing repetitions from text. Additionally, it uses filters to further impr [...]

By Almera Baynos | 9/20/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >

Kendo UI

Kendo UI is an HTML5 user interface framework that provides handy and robust components for creating rich, inventive web applications. The Kendo UI framework gives developers access to UI widgets, scheduling widgets, datasource tools, web templates, data visualization widgets and utilities which are [...]

By Oreofe Jolaoso | 9/19/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >

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