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Introduction To CoffeeScript

CoffeeScript is a programming language that compiles to JavaScript. The main rule of CoffeeScript is “It is just JavaScript” and indeed, it is just that. So, why use it? Because it adds a lot of syntactic sugar to the language and lets you use the best of JavaScript in a much easier way. [...]

By Hugo Reyes | 11/30/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >


Mintegrate is the mobile payment solution by Mint Payments. As any other payment solution, Mintegrate strives to offer a quick and reliable service for companies and end users. Mintegrate has a lot of features and advantages for developers, here is a summarized list of them. [...]

By Hugo Ray | 11/23/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >

Combit Reporting Tool.

Reporting is indispensable for any data driven environment. This is primarily due to the insights reports provide which organizations rely on for actionable information to achieve their required business objectives. Report designers require reporting tools and facilities to create the required intel [...]

By Oreofe Jolaoso | 11/6/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >

JasperReports Server (JRS)

JasperReports Server (JRS) is an open source, stand-alone and embeddable reporting server. It provides users with reporting and analytics tools in a real time or scheduled mode and the reports created in this tool can be exported to various formats such as PDF, HTML, XHTML, XLS, RTF, DOCX, Text, CSV [...]

By Oreofe Jolaoso | 10/31/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >

Qt Cross-Platform Application Framework.

The Qt framework is a cross-platform application framework that is extensively used for creating applications that are executable on different software and hardware platforms without any alteration or fairly simple diminutive changes required in the underlying codebase. This ability to develop cross [...]

By Oreofe Jolaoso | 10/30/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >

Windward Reports

Competent reporting tools should provide an end user with facilities to seamlessly connect to a datasource, and to design, create and distribute reports in as many formats as possible. Winward’s report engine is a solution that falls into this category and provides end users with an enterprise [...]

By Oreofe Jolaoso | 10/26/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >

Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium is a development kit aimed to design mobile and desktop apps. It comes with a bundle of products that will be enough to develop a full game or any other kind of app. Titanium is so widespread that it is estimated 10% of mobile phones in the world run apps made with Titanium and [...]

By Hugo Reyes | 10/23/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >


Cocos2d-x is a GDK for 2d games. It is open source and widely used by many developers not only to make games as such but also for prototyping. Cocos2d-x is very easy to use and it is a perfect start for those programmers or designers who want to get their feet wet in game development and later move [...]

By Hugo Reyes Navarrete | 10/10/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >


GO!AppZone studio is an IDE to develop mobile apps. It uses HTML5 and native technologies allowing for fast development and deployment of apps for mobile phones. [...]

By Hugo Reyes Navarrete | 10/10/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >

Corona SDK

Corona SDK has been around for a long time and it has become one of the most used SDKs for mobile games, mainly among indie companies or individuals. It uses the Lua programming language which is easy to learn and easy to use and it comes integrated with a lot of third party tools that will help you [...]

By Hugo Reyes | 10/9/2016 | Product Analysis| Beginners Read More >

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